My bleeding heart.

You know how they say to not have a kid if you can't foster growth and sustainability in both plants and animals?

I got a dog two years ago, and although it's still alive, I will say that I think comparing dog raising to child rearing is just dumb.

However, lately I feel like everywhere I look examples of this inadequacy are just shouting at me, waving the inadequacy flag.

For example, two summers ago, while walking up the steps to my our condo, my Mom was all, "Look! You're got a little baby bleeding heart sprouting up over here! I bet that will get bigger and bigger every year! Just water it!"

Well, maybe you haven't heard, but Montana has been FLOODED (literally) by rain this spring.

Exhibit A: My neighbor's bleeding heart -

Exhibit B: My bleeding heart -

"All it needs is water..." she says.


That's like saying all a baby needs is a blanket.

But I can totally raise a kid. No problemo. Don't you worry.


  1. eh, babies are hardier. ;)

    my neighbor has a gorgeous bleeding heart bush.

    i just giggled from writing bush.

    maybe i shouldn't be having a kid either.

  2. I can't keep a plant alive and have never owned a dog or cat and my kids are still alive...a little on the scrawny side but I'm 89% sure that's because of genes and not because I don't feed or water them enough.

    However, I do recommend you read one of my old posts. Maybe it will make you feel a little better since you already have experience with a dog.

  3. I'm actually really disappointed that I didn't think to call it a bleeding heart bush from the get go.

    Every day in every way you make me a little better, Shannon.

    @Mommynextdoor -

  4. See, IIIII find myself playing with children the same way I play with my kids. I find something they want, I throw it a little out of their reach and encourage them, in the highest pitched voice possible, to, "Go geet it! Go geet it! Okay, not bring it back...come on! Come on! Briiiing it back! Gooooood job! Now, go and geeeet it!" Think your kid will be amused?

  5. ...my DOGS...which are the only thing I have to resemble children. I hope your kid doesn't look like my dogs though.

  6. That's a total total lie about plants and dogs and kids.

    I bet your neighbor has made a deal with some questionable power to make your bushes puny and hers thrive. (I'm with Shannon in giggling about bush. Especially about plural bush.)


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