LOTS of people go to college for 7 years...

(Yeah, they're called doctors.)

So, it was a crazy month in April. I turned 30, which maybe I’ll talk about later. One other thing I did though? I got my masters degree. So I guess I’m a master at something now. Officially, I have a Masters of Science in Public Relations (MSPR). Unofficially, I’ve made bullshitting my way through school a science. I’m equally proud of both.

I will say that I felt a slightly larger sense of personal accomplishment getting this degree simply because I did it all on my own. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a household where getting one's bachelors wasn't a choice. Period. It was never up for debate. However, with my masters degree? That was something that I personally decided to do. Then I took the GRE (which was so nerve racking for me that I actually sweat through a HUGE hooded sweatshirt while taking the test. It was disgusting). Then I applied. Then I got accepted (despite having done so poorly on the GRE that I thought they’d have to send me a “special” note of rejection). Then I…well, I went. One little class at a time. And then I finished. And I paid for it as I went along. And now it’s over.

So now I have time to do things I like. Like this.

What was most touching about the whole thing though was how many people came out to support me. You guys! I felt so loved. Paul’s family flew out for the event, and they showered me with so many leis that I’m sure the spectators watching the “lei-ing” scene go down after the ceremony were a little shocked. If we were in any other state other than MT, I’m sure people would be all, “Why is that haole getting all of those leis?” However, because we were in MT, I think they were more like, “wtf?”

Here is a photo for your viewing pleasure. That's Paul's cute little Dad that I'm standing with. Doesn't he look sweet? He is.

But can you SEE ME IN THERE? No? Me either. All I see are flowers. And teeth. I do have big teeth.

My mom told me that the best part of the day though, was when Paul's aunt, who doesn't really speak English, suddenly pulled out a big fat whistle right as I was accepting my diploma. This picture made my day:

And my bff from way back in Junior High days, Angie, even surprised me by flying in from Seattle (thanks, Paul, for helping arrange that and actually knowing the joy that can come from keeping a surprise.) She’s now seen me graduate three times (highschool, undergrad and now grad school), which she really liked telling people throughout the course of the day…even strangers. (I know, Ang. I’m getting sick of going to school too. Consider this the last one. I promise.) And then there were a million other friends who also helped me celebrate.


I will admit that I am a master at convincing great people to be my friends…so maybe I’m using that MSPR degree after all.

Either way, I can put a big chizzzeck! next to life list item #16! Holler.

p.s. Thanks Mom, for 1) knowing I could do this even before I knew I could and 2) taking all these pictures. You're the best.


  1. How did Little Paul get to be so "Man-sized" with a normal sized parents?

  2. CONGRATS!!!! SUPER COOL! You are sure popular and have amazing friends & family!!!

  3. Love it Meg! Your flowery pic at the top reminds of the ghost of christmas present from a disney movie....classic stuff. Well done by the way, well done.

  4. But I do believe that the majority of the graduations I have attended, you have been wearing a cap and gown at.

    And I'm very proud of you - Love ya Megs!

  5. Congratulations! What a huge accomplishment =) And it's so nice that so many people were able to be there to support you.


    Oh megs! I wish I would have been there. I was thinking of you and wishing I could have been!

    I'm so proud of you and envious! but you make me believe I can do it too!!

    If my life wasn't so crazy right now, I would have been there in a mintue. Excuses, excuses I know. But I do love you and am very proud of you!

  7. 1) LOVE the new blog!
    2) YAY for the graduation!! AWESOME-SAUCE.
    3) Love the leis.


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