Peace out, O.

I'm a total Oprah junkie. So is my husband. Don't tell anyone.

Anyway, when my husband was emptying shop vacs for my parents as they dealt with their flooding basement, I got all caught up on Oprah shows that I made my mom record for me (since I no longer have cable OR DVR). It was such a great weekend for me, personally!

Anyway, I'm hopping on board with Mighty Girl, so what follows are my biggest Oprah lessons:


and of course this one:

And finally, this one...which is especially helpful to our male readers:

How bout you guys? Any Oprahisms that you'd care to share?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I never got into Oprah. Reading all of these is pretty wonderful, I confess I'm learning a lot from Oprah in the last few days.

  2. I'm with Jo - not an Oprah fan, but I totally can appreciate the good that she conveys. And I love the quote about men. If only I knew that during my youth. :)

  3. oh my gosh..came to check out your blog, didn't know I would laugh my ass off (and get many questioning looks from my husband)..needed that - thanks!


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