Guess who's back. Back again. Shindy's back. Tell a friend.

After traveling all over the world (Africa, Armania, Japan [where her name was Shindy, not Cindy] all over Europe [and I mean all over], and spending three precious years in Boulder, CO) my sister has decided to come full circle and move back to Montana. Get this, she's even living in the SAME small house that my MOM and DAD lived in when they lived in Billings as a young married couple. (As if we didn't have ENOUGH oddities in our family...we're not even going to GO there...)She too, drug her unknowing and innocent significant other with her. Thus, both my sister and I are now back in MT with our poor, poor boyfriends. (I mean honestly, what did they ever do to US?)

Great minds think alike, hence, a trip to the DIVE to celebrate this reunion. What better way to celebrate our sibling "same state status" than by going back...and by back, I mean WAY back...to our roots? Shucks, we even brought our cousins and parents along.

Yes, it was a weekend of 4-H burgers, Catholic booth french fries, Lutheran booth pie, and beer booth beer. Oh. And Firehouse. Yes. The 80's band. Don't remember them? Well, then you didn't have older siblings in the early EARLY nineties, my friend. Perhaps THIS will refresh your memory...or maybe THIS.

Ah yes, the Schultz/Wilondek clan is back together, and, just like Firehouse, our hair isn't NEAR as big as it used to be, but we can still rock. Oh, and we got rides home from the police (no worries, the were just being darn good samaritans). Just good, old fashioned Montana fun.

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