Meganithappen Life List

Inspired by Ms. Margaret Mason of Mighty Girl, I've decided create a list of 100 things I want (and will!) do before I go. I'm up to 39, and will continue to choose wisely. Won't you create one too?

1. Post on my blog, once a week, for a year.
2. Have kids.
3. Go to Tonga.
4. Give birth.
5. Attend the Mighty Summit.
6. Learn to play guitar.
7. Be in one more musical.
8. Recognize birthdays of people I care about, even when I'm late.
9. Get 1000 followers on my blog.
10. Learn to take good pictures.
11. Drive on the coast in a convertible.
12. Write about writing.
13. Drink champagne in France.
14. Do that painting in my head, once and for all.
15. Run a full marathon.
16. Get a masters degree.
17. Host a Flofest.
18. Read 50 classics.
19. Officiate a wedding.
20. Learn to play the piano.
21. Speak to young girls about stuff they should know.
22. Eat 1000 new things.
23. Grow vegetables.
24. Do Boston on March 17th.
25. Do NYC on NYE.
26. Make Christmas cookies and give as gifts.
27. Set foot on all 7 continents.
28. Set foot in all 50 states.
29. Work from home.
30. Eliminate money as a worry.
31. Take a polaroid every Christmas and NYE.
32. Take Mike to the Final Four.
33. Write a screen play.
34. Have a chat with Garrison Keilor.
35. Witness someone else giving birth.
36. Get paid for a piece of writing I'm proud to have written.
37. Tip a pizza guy 100 bucks.
38. Get my brother to write a post.
39. Engage in 100 Public Displays of Affection.
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