Dreamstime stikes again.

As I've mentioned before, I stumble across some unbelievable snapshots when I'm searching sites for photos for new marketing pieces at work.

The key search word for the beauty below? "hay fever"

I think maybe I might just use it. We need a little pizazz in the "seasonal allergies" piece I'm currently working on. This just might do the trick.

Good work Dreamstime, good work. Once again, you've found me just what I was looking for.


This one's for Erin.

My friend Erin LOVES Michael Buble. She likes him so much that she actually listens to him when she's training for all of her crazy marathoning. Like, she runs for miles and miles and listens to MICHAEL BUBLE. When I run for miles and miles, the last thing I want to hear are a couple of standards redone by a kid my age. No no no. I need Miley Cyrus.

Erin is just so much classier than I am on so many levels.

What I do love, however, is celebs doing nice things with and for nice kids. I'm a sucker for that shit, and after watching this video, it really took my love for Mr. Buble up a notch. Almost made me crush on him for a little bit. Throw a puppy into the mix and hell, I'd be throwing me panties on stage.

Just kidding. This is a G rated site.

(I just reread that and realized I said "me panties" instead of "my panties" without even meaning to. God I'm good.)

Anyway, when this video first starts out, I'm kinda like, "Okay, Michael Buble, being pompous and full of himself and a little bit condescending." Then as I watch, I feel second hand embarrassment coming on...and then I realize the only person who should be embarrassed in this video is Michael, for even showing like, a hint of hestitancy at the beginning.

I only post things that give me goosebumps and make me pee a little. This gave me goosebumps. So many that I almost thought for a second that maybe I could run to Michael Buble.


Epic fail on so many levels.

The other day I came home to find my husband in the back yard, picking up the poop of our dog, Gus. The snow recently melted here in good ole’ Montana (don’t hold your breath, we’ll see it again) and so when that happens we (he) decide that we should be good condo association owners and you know, take care of business so that the children of the complex aren’t forced to play in the equivalent of a poop land mine.

I just popped in the house for a second because I had to immediately head out to an appointment. So, I slid the screen door open, expressed my appreciation to my husband for doing “that job,” and gave my dog a squeeze, because was hanging outside watching Paul pick up his poop.

About 45 minutes later I buzz back in the house, chatting away with my mom on the phone, and see Paul still sitting on the steps outside, right by our screen door, with Gus. “Huh, I wonder. He must really be loving that fresh air.” I continue to chat with my mother.

Then I hear three knocks on the glass window, and I look up at Paul who’s giving me a look that is somewhere between “WTF” and “WTF”?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh. I see.


I'm sure you can take it from here.

Yes, I locked my husband outside for the duration of my appointment. WHEN HE WAS PICKING UP POOP. That last part just added insult to injury for him.

In true Paul fashion he did not freak out on me in the slightest. Instead he just reacted the same way he did when I dropped his keys – along with the garbage – in the gigantic dumpster outside of our house.

Silence seems to be best in situations like these, he’s discovered.


Someone explain this to me.

For my day job, I do a lot of photo searching on stock photo sites. Any graphic designer knows that photos can be a nightmare. There's just no pleasing folks with photos. You might spend hours trying to find just the right stock photo and when you plug it in, finalize the piece, and send it off for approval, often the only feedback you get is "I just don't like that sweater the girl is wearing in that photo. Is there another photo?"

In my search I find some real gems. After all, it's not every day that you run across a "business operations" photo that could also be used by "The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc."

Well done, dreamstime. Well. Done.
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