I appreciate all food that comes in tube form.

Because I can no longer drink as I am with child, I'm finding myself living vicariously through the drinking habits of others. My friend Jill knows this, so she has now resorted to sending me videos that accomplish this.

The following short film is something I can imagine my friend Jill and I to have done when we were roomates in college. Except A) we didn't cook, and...I forgot what B was.

My mom will not like this video. When you first start watching it, you think, "Oh no, a drunk girl got ahold of the camera." But she's actually pretty hilarious:

Then when I was reading through the comments of another "drunk kitchen" episode I saw this:

"it really upsets me that you're a lesbian, not because I don't support gay rights (because I do), but because I'm 1) a straight male, and 2) so ridiculously in love with you."

Well, I'm a little in love with you now, comment boy.

I think I shall go make a tube food now. Good bye.


  1. I loved her. My husband (who was forced to listen as he was sitting next to me) did not appreciate her too much.

    He said "someone needs to stick something in her mouth". That wasn't very nice of him.

    (Sorry Megan's mom if you read that.)

  2. She's ADORABLE. Going to watch her more.

    If you like drunk shenanigans, check out Drunken History on YouTube. It's hilarious, but be warned, there is some very graphic vomiting.


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