Basically I'm famous again.

Happy Holidays! I've got quite a few posts in the works (two men simulating birthing techniques, Semisi turns two months, and much more!), but in the meantime, I've got big news up in here, y'all!  Well, big to me. 

Remember that one time when I was famous for like, 20 minutes?  Well, the lady who runs that website decided to publish a book called A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration.  Here it is for real proof:


THEN...drum roll please....she contacted me a short time after to see if she could feature the piece I wrote in her book!  And guess what?  She did!  I'm on page 19-20 (that's MULTIPLE pages, but who needs specifics?) and I even have a mini bio in the book.  Meg Keene (the author) just sent me a signed copy today!  Squeeeee!  So basically I'm famous again.  No big deal.

To celebrate this, we'll (I say "we'll" like there is more than one person running this blog.  There isn't, but it makes it sounds more big time) be doing something REALLY exciting on January 1st, which is a significant date for two reasons:  1) it's anniversary of the time I decided to really start blogging and 2) it's my ACTUAL anniversary to my husband.  (Double win!)  What will we be doing, you ask?  It rhymes with Biv-a-day...and this isn't your mother's biv-a-day, y'all...this is a nearly $200 value something or other... 

Stay tuned! 


  1. awesome!! i love your blog posts. by the way, have i ever told you that something about you reminds me of sarah silverman? i just netflicked the sarah silverman show series and at times, i'm like, who does she remind me of, who does she remind me of...i know megan!!

  2. I just read your post in APW and cried. I didn't know that about you at all. I started following you later when you were just the sassy lady with the scary huge husband.

    Congrats on being famous. You (and Paul) deserve it.

  3. So you won't be buying two six-packs and a pound and 37 soft shell tacos and 18 orders of potato oles?

  4. AWESOME!! You ARE famous! Super duper awesome! And, yeah, multiple pages make you THAT MUCH MORE FAMOUS! Score!!


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