It's like a party in my uterus.

The good news about having a tumor? You get to have one of those sweet ultrasounds so they can get a real good look at it. Of course this also meant that I got a look at the kiddo chillin in the ole' uterus, too!

And no shit, these ultrasounds are something else! I kind of feel like we cheated a little. Like we got to see the baby ahead of time. Like when it comes out we'll be all, "Nice to meet you. You look just like your photo."

At first we couldn't get a good look at the face because the babe's foot was in the way. Of it's face. That is correct. And yes I did make them clarify that the foot appeared to be an extension of the leg, showing an unparalleled act of flexibility instead of a foot in place of a hand.

Once the foot moved over a bit, we got some sweet shots of him/her throwing us some gang signs. But then he/she shot us a smile, and that was pretty rad, not gonna lie:

In the above pic the babes is actually holding its foot. I told Paul that's a total cheerleader move.

He just smiled and said, "She has my nose."

And then I was thinking that it'd be sweet if we had a lineman sized boy who wanted to be a cheerleader. Can you image how solid the base of that pyramid would be?

And then I had my first "HOLY SHIT I'M PRETTY EXCITED TO MEET THIS KID" moment.


So any bets? Based on the pic...boy or girl?


  1. I can't say one way or another if it's a boy or girl, but I can confirm s/he is cute!!

    And from the pics I've seen of your husband, s/he does have his nose. :) :)

  2. My vote is ADORABLE. Mothereffing AWESOME.

    Definitely a cheerleading linebacker.

    Fingers crossed for healthy mama, healthy baby.

  3. Boy or girl, everyone needs a fall back career. If She can't make it as a cheerleader maybe she'll be a kick-ass linebacker. Or if HE can't hack it as a linebacker he'll be a amazingly solid base to that pyramid!!

    Awesome sono pic! I feel jipped with my ancient grainy black ones (from 2 years ago!)


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