Meet the Parents. Before, and after.

Paul refuses to take any photo without tossing out the hang loose. I've come to accept this, because I love him and his island ways. I really do.

The first time I sent my father a picture of Paul, he said, "Good looking guy. The only thing I'm concerned about is the gang sign."

The fact that Paul has worked in gang prevention programs really makes that so much funnier.

Anyway, the picture above might actually be the only one I have of Paul where he was able to suppress the gang sign. This photo was actually taken by my Mom the first time Paul met my parents.

Then my Mom said "One more, one more," and just like that, he couldn't help himself. It's like a force stronger than he is. He can't suppress it. (If I stare at the picture long enough, it looks like he's using his pinkie finger to point at my cleavage. That will embarrass everyone, and just like Paul's hang loose tendency, that's just something I can't suppress. He's learned to deal with it.)

On an alternate note, please never let me flip my hair out like that again. I just...don't know what I was thinking there.

Oh, and doesn't my husband just look studly? He's even got a bit of a Saturday night fever thing happening with his shirt in that first pic. And I'm not surprised by that. The boy can dance.


  1. AHhahahahaha Gang SIGN!!


    You guys are adorable.

  2. Is it wrong that I was reading and then looking at the pictures and I didn't notice the gang sign before the cleave? What's leading the eye where? You just can't control how people view artwork Megs. ;)

  3. Ahh yes...the shaka.

    My family has always embraced our Polynesian/Hawaiian heritage (Chick Fil-A dipping sauce has really helped with that) but ever since we got back from the ultimate family bonding experience in Kauai, the hang looses appear in just about all of our photos.

    You guys are a really cute couple. And believe it or not, I actually dig the flippiness.


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