I'm a genius, basically.

Me: There's something funny I want to show you. We must go to Youtube.
Paul: What is it?
Me: It's this thing with Josh Groban.
Paul: And Kanye West?
Me: YES! I'm going to put it on my blog.
Paul: Everybody knows about that. It was on msn.
Me: Na uhhh! I found it in secret. And not everyone checks MSN. I bet you $100 bucks my mom has not seen it.
Paul: Okay.

Then I went to the gym this morning and saw it on E! News.

THEN I did my daily check in this morning over at DOOCE and GUESS WHO ALSO DECIDED TO SHARE IT WITH HER AUDIENCE LAST NIGHT?

What does this mean? It means that I know good blog material when I see it, people. That's what that means.

But my mom actuallys follows DOOCE.

So, damnit.

If you HAVEN'T seen this, tell me so I can tell Paul how many people were thankful as a result of my persistance to share. After all, sometimes you just can't put a price tag on being right.


  1. I had heard about it, but hadn't actually seen it yet. So, you helped me out!

  2. Thanks HEATHER! I will share this exciting news with him. :)

  3. I hadn't seen or heard it yet, so you are about 10 steps ahead of me. :)

  4. I hadn't seen that yet! Very funny! I'm not what you'd call news savy, so I use your blog as my exclusive gateway to awesomeness. Thanks!

  5. I hadn't seen it either, and I"m normally all over this kind of stuff. Go Megan!

  6. First time I have heard of it, so you can add another person to your cause. :)

  7. I hadn't heard it or seen it so thanks for being my ambassador of funny!!!! :)

  8. WELL THANK YOU EVERYONE. You better believe that I'm reporting this shit back to Paul STAT.

  9. Hi Megan! I am returning the favour, and perusing your awesome blog.

    I love Josh Groban, in that I don't like his music at all although I will acknowledge he has an awesome voice (its just not my thing.) but anyhoo, back to Josh Groban being awesome and hilarious - please google/youtube search for "Josh Groban Never Mind the Buzzcocks". NMTB is a music/ish game show in the UK, and I have never laughed so hard as the Josh Groban episode. And apparently he hosted their christmas special this year!!

    This makes me sound like a crazy fan of Josh Groban, but I think he can be pretty funny. So check it out :)

  10. Hi Jenn! Glad you stopped by! Hope you'll keep checking in and I'll do the same!

    (And I'm going to check out that Josh Grobin thing right now!)

  11. P.S. I overuse exclamation points!

  12. I saw it on Dooce but didn't watch. So I finally watched here.

    Go Genius!

  13. A) I had not seen this...love it.

    B) I have no idea what DOOCE is...your mom is exponentially cooler than I am

    (I over use the ellipses...)


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