A concerning resemblance.

This Halloween, my friend Amy, who has a quite reputable knowledge when it comes to art history, told me that she was going to dress up as Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol's muse, I said "GREAT! I'll be ANDY WARHOL!"

So that's what we did, because I needed a REASON to make my eyes look MORE close together than they actually are:

Yes, my boobs don't help the costume. I wore the pins because I thought SOME people might not "get" it. To my (somewhat) relief, without the pins, many people didn't. Even my grad school professor, who WAS ON JEOPARDY had to reference the pins before he came up with Andy Warhol. (To which I replied, ehem, do you mean, "Who is Andy Warhol?" badang ching!)

Anyway, I do like Andy Warhol. Even did a project with him when I taught way back in the day. SO, when I was up in AK and I heard that an exhibit called Andy Warhol: Manufactured was going to be at the new museum in Anchorage, I told my friend Whitney that we must go. And we did:

And that's how jazzed I was just by the ELEVATOR mural. We hadn't even gotten to the exhibit yet.

Anyway, one of the MANY cool things of this great exhibit was that they had an interactive thing for the kiddos, which allowed them to dress up like they were in the sixties, including glasses. And do you think I could resist that? Come on now. Of course I couldn't.

And THAT's when things started to get weird.

So I shot the (very alarming) photo above off to my mother, who then forwarded it on to her sister (my aunt, for clarification), a very accomplished artist herself. Then my AUNT took it to show all of her GALLERY friends at some meeting they were having about the gallery.

So now a bunch of people in Florida think my aunt has a "special" niece.

THEN, my Uncle John (not blood related, which I'm sure is a HUGE relief to him) decided to play around with the photo and shot THIS back to me:

A brilliant job, indeed.

But when I got home I was reading through some Andy Warhol stuff online just for the halibut, and I stumbled upon this quote:

If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me, and there I am. There's nothing behind it. (Andy Warhol)

No, Andy, no.



  1. holy shiiiiiit! that's hilarious. i've never seen this done before. and you nailed it. kudos!

  2. I can't believe that people didn't get it. I mean I looked nothing like Edie but you looked EXACTLY like Andy Warhol...I mean you even had the facial expressions down!!

  3. That is UH-mazing. Especially the photoshop your uncle did. I wish my family members were that handy with computers!

  4. @Shannon, I would have totally never thought of the costume if it weren't for Amy. Can't take total credit there. Who's Andy without Edie anyway?

    @Amy, I knew we were screwed when Dr. W. was having trouble.

    @Meaghan, I know, right? And my uncle is old! (Hi John!) I didn't know old people knew how to use photoshop. Exciting.

  5. That is so, so awesome. I love Andy Warhol and I love that you own this.

  6. Three things...One..love the outfit, it's a striking nod to Warhol, a nice remake of the king of image "rehashing"....Two...the boobs do help...guys would never have noticed your buttons otherwise...and Three...hang onto the costume and "rehash" it next year into Harry Carey!


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