The thing about blogging is...

I've been dabbling with the idea of starting a blog (and committing to it) for some time, but I've had a lot of hesitancy. Blogging takes guts. Having courage enough to self publish and think that what you've got to say is actually interesting enough for other people to want to read it takes a little ego. (Then again, let's be honest, so does the blog name Meganithappen, right? And I have to admit right now that a good friend of mine came up with Meganithappen. And she has every right to utilize it when she runs for president, though she'll have to use her own name.)

But, really, blogging is putting yourself out there. It's like online dating with words. That's intimidating to me. Honestly, who would want to read what I have to say? Who actually reads personal blogs?

Well, I do.

A lot of other people do too, I discovered. Two years ago I began blogging after being inspired by some friends and reading a few blog posts by other folks. Then some crazy stuff happened in my life (like, the death of my father) and I abandoned ship. But I've really been inspired these past two years watching and reading some pretty amazing bloggers from the sidelines. I started reading Heather Armstrong's Dooce (after a recommendation from one of my favorite peeps). From there, I've discovered some other blogs that I check out on a near daily basis (Mighty Girl, APW, QueSeraSera, to name a few). Mighty Girl inspired me to start a life list. APW encouraged me to submit a piece for their website (check it out...should be published on 12/15/10), and Sarah Brown? Well, she just inspired me to go for it...and they all did it without even knowing they did it. What if I could do that?

My goal is to write or post something every week for a year. One year. Try it out. I'm expecting the IN-TER-NET (that's for you, Mom) to hold me accountable. Maybe that only includes my Mom. Maybe that includes you.

Either way, it's something to challenge me to continue to share and connect in the same way others have done with and for me for the past few years. Maybe that means I'm only connecting with my friends and family. Maybe that includes others along that way. Either way, it's gravy.

So, here goes nothing. Starting, like, now.


  1. Who wouldn't want to read Megan ramblings....you've been added to my favorites page, as of like now.
    Smooches to you and good luck!

  2. Yay, I'm excited!


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