They tell me she only sings at Christmas parties.

I just discovered THIS website and I can't believe I've lived my whole life waisting time without it. A friend of mine (whose humor I'd trust with my life) posted this little ditty on facebook and now my life is changed forever. (Alright, that's a bit dramatic but it's cute video, okay?) I especially like the commentary towards the end of the video when they tell the man in the "Why is he telling us whom we can't marry t-shirt" that Jewel is actually Karen. The fact that he runs away from the camera immediately after that really takes the humor up a notch, too. (Lauren, I KNEW there was a reason I liked the name Karen for you.)

Undercover Karaoke with Jewel from Jewel, Eric Appel, Antonio Scarlata, FOD Team, and BoTown Sound: "



  1. Great web site...my friend Brian used to call it Funny Ordie...ha! He didn't realize to put a space after the "r". Anyway...get back on there and search for "between two ferns"....the best.


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