Here's to looking up.

These last few days have been a little crazy, and I'll get into that later, but in the midst of all the pandemonium, I wanted to share something cool that I was able to attend a few months ago.

My friend Shelley Hayes, who is an extraordinary human being and amazing life coach (I know this personally AND professionally), invited me to attend one of her Possibility Party Workshops. I didn't know what to expect initially, but it ended up being an amazing experience where I was able to take a couple of hours to really explore what I wanted for myself and for my life. When do we ever take the time to do that, anyway? When do you?

During the workshop we were able to make our very own VISION BOARDS. Here's how mine turned out:

You can see here I'm quite pleased with my final product:

The sweet thing about these parties is that Shelley really takes you through the process of centering yourself...helping you really get to the ROOT of yourself. And then she gives you this little board and about a million Oprah magazines in front of you and you're like "I WANT TO PUT EVERY QUOTE AND PICTURE I SEE ON MY BOARD!" But no, this is not how it works. Shelley pre-determines the board size, so you really have to be selective and think about what you want to put on that darn thing. And really, when you're thinking about your life, isn't that sort of how it should go? Shouldn't we be selective?

Anyway, with the craziness of life, and all of the changes happening as of late, it was really refreshing for me to revisit this bad boy and remember just what I am passionate about in life...and remember to breath...and remember to drink my prune juice. That last one has been of particular importance.

If you're needed to create a bonding experience for you and your colleagues, you and your girlfriends, or even just yourself, I suggest you look in to this. It was definitely worth my time. :)

Happy weekend!

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