Bozeman Debauchery

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending what will undoubtedly become on annual event. And, as my friend Lauren said, this particular 24 hours of my life cannot be explained with "you had to be there" stories - I imagine that would be like describing WoodStock as a "neat concert."

Let me just put it this way: If and when (God help us) in thirty years, any of the four of us have a daughter...and if, (God forbid) they ask us what we were like when we were their age...I presume that we will look back upon this very weekend, cock our head to one side, as if searching for some reasonably modest answer, and (God willing) respond with something along the lines of "JUST LIKE YOU."

How do I know this? I disclosed all of the pictures my friend Lauren took throughout the evening to MY mother. And, although it would be innappropriate for me to post all of them here on this blog, here's what she had to say reference to what she saw:

The slideshow is proof if I ever needed it why I will never again party with my daughter and her friends.
Were you all as sick as you should have been?
And I think someone must have shared those photos with Dooce and so because of you guys, Heather Armstrong is starting a 21 day cleanse. AND she wants to become a better citizen of the EARTH.........all because of your debauchery.
I hope you are proud.

At the evening's start...here's what our bottom (and better) half looks like...

And, at the evening's close...here's what was going on up top. Not my most flattering shot. Frankly, I don't know HOW I made my face DO that.

Hard to believe they're sisters...I mean, they look NOTHING alike.

Ahhh...it's not Bozeman without a stop at the....

The well behaved women of the hour...

Jill and I pointing to a completely RANDOM person's fake ID that was taken away from her a LONG time ago. ODD, she LOOKed JUST LIKE me..but her name was AMANDA, and she was from PORTLAND, and she liked drinks called "SEX ON THE BEACH," not Argentinian Malbec.

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  1. Megs, I didn't know who that Heather chick (the Dooce)but I read her "About" on her blog and now I like her. I laughed especially hard about having premarital sex but no coffee. How freakin true. I have always wondered about that. You rule!


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