Upon driving in the car with my sister...

My sister and I. We're complete opposites.

Leaving town one summer a few years back, we decided to stop for a coffee before hitting the lonesome highway back to our home town of GLendive. I bellied up to the counter while my sister stood back inquisitively looking over the menu posted above.
ME: "Tall double carmel mocha please."
HER: "Skinny or whole?" asked the barista.
ME: "Whole."
HER: "Whip or no whip?"
ME: "Whip. Definitely whip," I replied.

She smiled, plugged my order into the computer and glanced up at my sister, who offered an even warmer smile as she politely listed off her order.

CINDY: "I'll take a short, 1/2 shot (I swear she said decaf) vanilla latte please."
HER: "Skinny or whole?"
CINDY: "Skinny, please."
HER: "Whip or no whip?"
CINDY: "No whip. Thanks."

I slowly turned my head, eyeing her with eyebrows that spoke, "WHY BOTHER?" She smiled and shrugged her shoulders as she said, "I know. Shut it."

SHe's short, I'm tall. She's brunette, I'm blonde (or at least, I used to be). She's smart, I'm, well, not dumb.

Despite our differences, however, we tend to agree on a few things. Upon driving in the car with my sister a few weeks ago, this discussion came up:

Cindy: "What is one supposed to call one's "significant other" once one has passed the age of, say, 26? Do you call him your 'boyfriend?'" (I'm 26, she's....older, barely.)

Me: "No. Too junior high. How about your partner?"

Cindy: "No. That could, for some, solidify that thing that they've always suspected. God knows we can't add to the confusion. Roommate?"

Me: "No. Too 'unattached' sounding. Too 'three's company'."

Cindy: How about "significant other?"

Me: "Too formal. Way too formal. How about siggy?"

Cindy: "Nope, sounds too much like a bad habit."

Me: "Good point."

Cindy: "Yes, it is. I think that's what we should call them."

Me: "Yes. Yes you're right. We shall call them our siggies, and they shall be our siggies."

Cindy: "And so it was decided."

Me: "Should we stop for coffee in Miles?"

Cindy: "Yes. I'll have you know I've graduated to drinking Americanos."

Me: "That's what I drink! With or without cream?"

Cindy: "With."

Me: "Can't win em' all."

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